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We endeavour to represent the interests of parents who look after their children at home most of the time and whose families consequently manage on one main income  (often known as single-earner families or one-wage families) OR  they have 'one and a bit' incomes (with the second earner often in low-paid or part-time work around school hours believeing it's important to 'be there' at the end of the school day and during school holidays ).  

We realise that many more mothers who share our concerns have had to go back to work but wish they had a real choice to follow their hearts and spend longer at home.   As such our campaigning group is not about actual employment status,  but rather about a shared vision for family life.    

MAHM,  run by volunteers,  has three core aims:

  • To promote understanding of a child’s need for more family time and a mother who is available at home (or sometimes the father depending on family circumstances).
  • To campaign for fairness in the tax and benefits system, as well as in employment policy,  to give more women the choice about  spending longer out of the workforce to take care of the family.
  • To enhance the status and self-esteem of mothers at home and challenge the negative portrayal of mothers in policy documents.  It also means fighting for a voice for carers in policy - and the vast majority of carers are women,  whether they form part of the 'invisible' workforce or whether they work as paid carers. 

We put these aims across to the public whenever we can through public forums, letters to national and local papers and through media interviews.   We also organise Open Meetings in London.

We send our Newsletter to supportive journalists, politicians and other organisations and foster contacts wherever possible, both in the UK and the wider European context.

Our group works hard to support all parents and to be inclusive. Parents from all over the UK and further afield write to us about the different challenges they face. As well as being mindful that each family's circumstances will be unique,   we know that family life is dynamic and can change very quickly responding to changing employment patterns,  children's needs, family health and other situations which are often outside people's  control.  We warmly welcome all parents, grandparents and carers - indeed all who share our aims to celebrate motherhood and campaign for family friendly policies which would enable families to spend more time together.    If there's an issue that you'd like us to take up,  please write to us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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